What is Confidence?

Confidence is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage infused with scientifically proven adaptogens formulated to give users confidence.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plant-based ingredients that research shows can lighten the effect of physical, mental, and emotional stressors on the body.

How does Confidence work?

Confidence combines six functional ingredients—5-HTP, Rhodiola, GABA, Ginseng, Magnesium, and B vitamins—to improve mood and create feelings of confidence.

Is Confidence an energy drink? Does it contain caffeine?

No, Confidence is not an energy drink. It does not contain caffeine. Confidence won't give you jitters or a buzz. It will create the calm, relaxed confidence you need to be your best self.

What does Confidence taste like?

Confidence is a unique blend of natural flavors. People who love Confidence describe it as a delicious mix of berry, hibiscus and tea flavors. . It’s fruity, refreshing, and sweet—but not too sweet.

Why should I drink Confidence?

That’s an easy one. Drink Confidence to feel like the best version of yourself.

When should I drink Confidence?

Enjoy Confidence whenever you need a boost of calm, cool, and collected. It’s a great companion for presentations, performances, and parties.

Is Confidence safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

We recommend that you consult with your physician on this one.

How should I store Confidence?

Store cans at room temperature and chill before serving.

What is the nutritional information for Confidence?

See our Nutrition Facts panel. Spoiler alert: Confidence contains no sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Where can I buy Confidence?

Place an order right here on our website or use our store finder to locate a retailer near you.

Is Confidence available for international shipping?

No, Confidence is only shipping to U.S. addresses right now.

How do I start a subscription?

We’re psyched you love Confidence this much. Monthly 12-pack and 24-pack subscriptions are available on our Shop page.

How do I modify my subscription?

Log in to your account and click Manage Subscription from your Profile page. You’ll also be able to update your billing info and view your purchase history here.

Can I contact you with additional questions?

Yes, use help@confidencedrink.com to hit us up! We’d love to hear from you.